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How does fresh work?

We use a just time method and aim to hold zero inventory and make plantd batches fresh to order.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been fulfilled and shipped you will receive a confirmation email associated with your ORDER #.  Click on the track order button for updated delivery information. 

What is the shelf life of your product?

All of our body creams have a 24 month shelf life and a 12 month after opening recommendation.

How do I know if your products are safe?

We ensure that all our products are safe for use through testing that is done by an accredited laboratory.  Our finished products undergo shelf-life testing at both fridge temperature (<10 Degree Celsius) and average room temperature (~ 22 Degree Celsius).  The specific tests that we run are called USP <61> + USP <62> to determine the presence and growth of microorganisms.   Our product testing results fall well below the acceptance limits defined by Health Canada and the FDA, therefore ensuring that our products are safe for use throughout their shelf-life.

Can plantd Skincare products be used on kids or while pregnant?

plantd products contain no harsh chemicals, preservatives or synthetic fragrances which have been shown to irritate the skin. We also have NUDE which is scent-free and great for all ages and expecting mothers

Do you use synthetic fragrances?

No, at plantd we create fragrances with pure essential oils made from plant-based materials like essential oils and absolutes. 

Do you test your products on animals?

No, we do not test our raw materials or finished products on animals and we are leaping bunny certified.

Do you have any retail locations? 

Currently we sell all of our products directly to our customers via our website,  

We are launching in stores across Canada and be on the look out for our store detector

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