fresh organic plant based skincare

always kind to your skin and the environment

I wish I could buy tubs of this cream it’s seriously so good!
— Kate
I love ethical brands and this cream ticks all of the boxes (vegan, fair trade, organic, and to top it all off, there are no preservatives)

EXCELLENT product, I recommend for all!!!
— Emma
I love this product. The fragrance is pure but not overpowering, it blends easily into the skin, and is wonderfully refreshing!
— Troy
I absolutely love this cream it is very rich, the scent is not overpowering, there are no harsh chemicals, which for me is very important.
— Gillian
Love the texture, very nice on the skin
— Anita
This plantd body cream has a silky texture, smells heavenly, and absorbs well into the skin with no greasiness. Wonderful hydration for dry skin, and really just feels luxurious.
— Emily
I use the non-scented one in the daytime and the lavender one at nighttime. EXCELLENT product
— Emma
I have such dry skin (mild psoriasis) and my skin responded to it so well, love that I can put it on damp skin and it blends in perfectly. Also, love the scent!!
— Pamela
This product is named perfectly after the feeling you get from using it- ZEST! It is truly one of the best moisturizers I have put on my skin
— Taylor
I am big fan of citrus creams and this has to be one of the best I have ever used.
— Patricia
Incredibly refreshing scent for the summer which lingers no matter how hard your day is! Smells and feels very real, not synthetic or sweetly fake.
— Christine
Obsessed with the hydration, smell and feel of these lotions. I chose Calm and Love both beautiful. Can’t wait to try out the other delicious scents :grinning:
— Erica
I’m in love with the “love”, a lovely subtle scent that lingers nicely on the skin. The cream is creamy without being too thick. I also have sensitive skin and it’s loving it without any redness, it’s soothing.
— Rhonda
I bought the citrus (zest) moisturizer
I absolutely love it. The smell is so fresh and the creme feels so good once applied onto my skin.
I’ve found my new body creme!!!!
— Dannie
I apply this to my legs and hands every night before bed and it has made such a difference! A staple to my night-time routine!
— Tika
I just can’t get enough of the scent. And the cream actually keeps me moisturized all day and sets in quick and easily. I’m already a super fan. please can we get a loyalty program going?
— Joey
This cream is deeply hydrating. It feels like you are giving yourself a spa every day. The smell is very citrusy. I have noticed smoother skin, very soft to the touch. It is perfect for use after skin brushing.
— Inna
I was so happy to receive my first batch order! I picked Vacay, and the scent was very subtle .
— Tracy

35 years in the making

Plantd’s founder and CEO Shaune Bowers has over 3 decades of experience in the ethical, clean beauty space. He started his career at age of 17 whipping up large and small batches for The Body Shop and then went on to spend the next 20 years at Lush Cosmetics as a Director Of Manufacturing and co-owner. Throughout that extraordinary adventure plantd has sprouted!