why fair trade, organic and regenerative?

At Plantd, we recognize that your skin is more than a surface—it's your body's largest organ and a vital gateway to overall wellbeing. As such, it absorbs much of what we apply to it, making the quality of skincare ingredients paramount. This is why we're committed to using fair trade, organic, and regenerative ingredients, ensuring that every product is as nurturing as it is effective.

Our skin's absorptive ability reminds us of the importance of simplicity in our skincare products. Organic ingredients, free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, minimize the risk of exposing your body to potential toxins. Instead, your skin receives the full spectrum of nature's benefits, rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients that support its natural defense and rejuvenation processes.

Regenerative agriculture takes this concept further, enhancing the vitality of the ingredients. The healthier the soil, the more nutrient-dense the plant, and the better it is for your skin. This farming method not only nurtures the earth, but it also yields better ingredients to help maintain the skin’s elasticity and radiance, reflecting the health of the land where they were grown.

Our fair-trade commitment ensures that every ingredient is sourced with integrity. We believe in supporting the people who cultivate the raw materials we use, ensuring they have the means for a thriving livelihood. This ethical approach extends to guaranteeing that the practices used are gentle on the earth and beneficial for all involved— from farmer to consumer.

Embrace a skincare routine that mirrors the care you have for your body and the world around you. With Plantd, you become part of a nurturing cycle that starts with the soil and ends with the sustainable beauty that shines from within. 

November 21, 2023 — Shaune Bowers