Purchasing with purpose

Purchasing with purpose

purchasing with purpose 

Each choice we make matters, because each choice has an impact. This understanding informs everything that we do at Plantd. We approach all of decisions with care, with an intention of amplifying positive impact in the world by supporting  initiatives we wish to see flourish.     

That’s true of our products, which are thoughtfully formulated and carefully made so that you are getting the absolute best for your skin. And it’s true of our packaging. We choose glass instead of plastic because glass is recyclable and non-toxic. Even the seal around our jars is plastic free, made from wood pulp.

And we are careful about the sources of our ingredients because we know that the way things are grown, and produced, have a profound impact on the earth, animals, and people. 

Our sourcing is based upon three areas of consideration, practice, place, and people. 


When it comes to our plant-based ingredients, we partner with producers who practice what broadly can be called natural farming. Another term is agroecology. Really, it’s the kind of farming that’s been practiced for a long time, all over the world, by people with a strong connection to the land, and through this strong connection, understanding what the lands needs, and what it doesn’t.  The key pillars of natural farming are no chemical inputs, an understanding of the innate value of biodiversity, and resilience. Everything that is done is with a mind toward stewardship, and improving, rather than depleting things. 


One way of looking at money is as a form of energy to be directed. That’s how we look at the money we spend on ingredients, and we look to direct this energy to places where the impact can do the most good. That might be a place that has been typically ignored by traditional markets because of its remoteness, or because it is in a state of recovery from conflict or disaster. Or it might be a place where the development of a market can support conservation of nature.


The people who grow the ingredients that we use are the most important part of our approach to sourcing. They are literally the source of our work, not only our ingredients, but also the change we collectively hope to drive in the world. We look to partner with people who share our vision of a kind, equitable, and abundant world.

 How do we do this?


Certifications that are supported by a third-party audit system are a way of recognizing some of the practices that a producer or processor takes      towards sustainability and fairness. The three main certifications we support through our purchasing are:

 Organic – no synthetic inputs, and an emphasis on soil health through crop rotation.

 Fair Trade – centering farmers and workers, ensuring fair treatment, a minimum fair price, and promoting community and self-determination through fair trade premiums.

 Regenerative Organic – it builds upon the principles of both Organic and Fair Trade, expanding to include deeper considerations of soil health and biodiversity, and humane treatment of animals. 

Long term relationships

To fully understand our impacts requires a high level of transparency from our suppliers, which in turn requires a high level of trust, which can only be cultivated through long term relationships. We commit to our suppliers, though the highs and the lows. And we understand that change takes time. By committing to our supplier year over year, we provide a measure of stability, upon which they can plan.

Partnership Approach

We consider our success intertwined with the success of our supply partners. In order to ensure long term, lasting impact, our suppliers need to flourish. We share our sources openly and are always happy to make an introduction. Whatever assistance or expertise we can offer, we do. And we look to our suppliers to help guide our product development, telling us what ingredients we could use that do well in the places they steward.

December 20, 2023
kind formulations

kind formulations

kind formulations

We strive to craft products that are not merely kind to the skin but are formulated with an unwavering commitment to avoid any ingredients known to cause harm or irritation. Our vegan formulations are developed with the utmost care to support the skin’s natural health and vitality as we believe that skincare should be nurturing, never damaging.  Our goal is to yield tangible benefits without compromising health or the environment.

Why is this better? Because when skincare is clean, it's kinder to your body and the earth. Free from harmful preservatives, harsh chemicals, and synthetic fragrances, our products align with a body's intrinsic processes and rhythms. This natural synergy promotes healthier skin and supports the body's own healing and regenerative capabilities.

For the planet, our commitment translates into a lesser burden on ecosystems. By omitting toxic ingredients, we ensure that our environmental footprint is as gentle as our skincare. Our processes and packaging are designed to minimize waste and pollution, preserving the purity of waterways and soils, and contributing to the overall health of our environment.

Transparency is the center of what we do. It is reflected in our practice of fully disclosing our ingredients, including our essential oils, directly on our labels. We reject the ambiguous term "fragrance" and the industry's tendency to conceal harmful ingredients behind it. By being transparent, we empower our customers to make informed decisions about the products they use on their skin.

As we continue to create honest, clean, and effective skincare, we are establishing a legacy of trust and integrity. We invite you to be part of this transformative movement with us. By choosing Plantd, you're not just caring for your skin; you're supporting a vision for a transparent, kind, and sustainable beauty industry that prioritizes the health of our customers and the planet we all share.

December 20, 2023
why fair trade, organic and regenerative?

why fair trade, organic and regenerative?

why fair trade, organic and regenerative?

At Plantd, we recognize that your skin is more than a surface—it's your body's largest organ and a vital gateway to overall wellbeing. As such, it absorbs much of what we apply to it, making the quality of skincare ingredients paramount. This is why we're committed to using fair trade, organic, and regenerative ingredients, ensuring that every product is as nurturing as it is effective.

Our skin's absorptive ability reminds us of the importance of simplicity in our skincare products. Organic ingredients, free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, minimize the risk of exposing your body to potential toxins. Instead, your skin receives the full spectrum of nature's benefits, rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients that support its natural defense and rejuvenation processes.

Regenerative agriculture takes this concept further, enhancing the vitality of the ingredients. The healthier the soil, the more nutrient-dense the plant, and the better it is for your skin. This farming method not only nurtures the earth, but it also yields better ingredients to help maintain the skin’s elasticity and radiance, reflecting the health of the land where they were grown.

Our fair-trade commitment ensures that every ingredient is sourced with integrity. We believe in supporting the people who cultivate the raw materials we use, ensuring they have the means for a thriving livelihood. This ethical approach extends to guaranteeing that the practices used are gentle on the earth and beneficial for all involved— from farmer to consumer.

Embrace a skincare routine that mirrors the care you have for your body and the world around you. With Plantd, you become part of a nurturing cycle that starts with the soil and ends with the sustainable beauty that shines from within. 


December 20, 2023
Our Story

Our Story

our story: rooted in passion, grown with purpose

At Plantd Skincare, our journey is not just about skincare; it's a testament to the power of ethical beauty and the transformation it brings to lives and the environment. 

Our founder and CEO, Shaune Bowers brings over three decades of expertise in the ethical beauty space. Shaune's adventure began at the young age of 17. His early career as a Head of Product for The Body Shop and subsequent role as Global Manufacturing Director + Co-owner at Lush Cosmetics set the stage for a lifelong passion for creating products that are effective and safe and genuinely benefit people and the planet.  He considers himself a cosmetic chef, taking pride in crafting products with ingredients that are recognizable and easy to pronounce. 

With over twenty years dedicated to growing purpose-led businesses, our Co-founder and Director of Impact, Tricia Stevens firmly believes in the power of business as a force for good.  She believes strongly that centering relationships is key to building a brand that aims to have a long-lasting positive impact on communities.   Her commitment to animal welfare, social responsibility and environmental sustainability are at the heart of our brand.  Ethical practices are non-negotiable for her, ensuring transparency and integrity in all our decisions. 

Our Values

  • Kindness: Building relationships rooted in respect and honesty.

  • Effectiveness: Using natural, organic and regenerative ingredients to create safe, simple, and effective products.

  • Progress: Constant evolution, challenging the status quo in the beauty industry.

  • Fairness: Cultivating an inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all.

  • Giving Back: Supporting community organizations that champion the rights of people, animals, and the planet.

Join us in this journey, where every choice is intentional, every action impactful, and every product a commitment to the wellness of your skin and the planet.


December 20, 2023
Packaged with Care

Packaged with Care

plastic free and reusability are key to our design

In the vast landscape of beauty and personal care, the impact of packaging is undeniable. Over 120 billion units of packaging fill the market each year, with too many ending up where they shouldn't—in our landfills and oceans. At Plantd Skincare, we've consciously chosen a different path.

We fill all our fresh batches in glass jars topped by steel lids as they are infinitely reusable and recyclable. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused infinitely without loss of quality, which means that using glass packaging helps to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions compared to single-use materials. The energy required to produce glass packaging is further reduced when recycled glass is used.  Additionally, there is also no risk of harmful chemicals getting into products that are packed in glass. 

Every label on our jars reflects our mission—crafted from FSC certified paper and printed with non-toxic inks, they're as easy on the environment as they are on your jars. And when it comes to securing our products, we only use seals derived from renewable wood pulp.

We're curious to see how you repurpose your Plantd jars. Share your innovations with us @plantdskincare and help us write a new chapter in the story of sustainable beauty.

December 20, 2023
product safety

product safety

product safety

We understand that the trust our customers place in us begins with the ingredients we select, which is why we opt for those with a long-standing reputation for safety. Our commitment to organic ingredients means we naturally say no to harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and chemical preservatives.

Our responsibility extends beyond the careful selection of ingredients. We collaborate with accredited laboratories to conduct stringent testing on all our products. Through tests known as USP <61> and USP <62>, we analyze for microbial presence and growth, ensuring our products not only meet but often exceed the safety standards recognized by Health Canada and the FDA.

Our vigilance is applied throughout the entire lifecycle of our skincare line. By performing shelf-life testing we maintain a guarantee of stability and efficacy for the full 24-month shelf life of our products. This detailed attention to testing and quality ensures that every product that reaches our customers upholds the high standard of safety synonymous with the Plantd name.

At Plantd we are committed to creating safe cruelty-free cosmetics without the use of animal testing.  We don’t condone the use of animals for safety testing for cosmetics, and support modern non-animal methods that have been shown to better predict human responses than the animal tests they replace.

Interested in learning more about ending the use of animal in testing,  visit our partners at Human Society International Canada.

December 20, 2023