product safety

We understand that the trust our customers place in us begins with the ingredients we select, which is why we opt for those with a long-standing reputation for safety. Our commitment to organic ingredients means we naturally say no to harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and chemical preservatives.

Our responsibility extends beyond the careful selection of ingredients. We collaborate with accredited laboratories to conduct stringent testing on all our products. Through tests known as USP <61> and USP <62>, we analyze for microbial presence and growth, ensuring our products not only meet but often exceed the safety standards recognized by Health Canada and the FDA.

Our vigilance is applied throughout the entire lifecycle of our skincare line. By performing shelf-life testing we maintain a guarantee of stability and efficacy for the full 24-month shelf life of our products. This detailed attention to testing and quality ensures that every product that reaches our customers upholds the high standard of safety synonymous with the Plantd name.

At Plantd we are committed to creating safe cruelty-free cosmetics without the use of animal testing.  We don’t condone the use of animals for safety testing for cosmetics, and support modern non-animal methods that have been shown to better predict human responses than the animal tests they replace.

Interested in learning more about ending the use of animal in testing,  visit our partners at Human Society International Canada.

20 décembre, 2023 — Shaune Bowers