designing for impact

Through the creation and sale of our FOREST hand and body cream we are supporting two indigenous-led social enterprises located in the Great Bear Rainforest. Our relationship with Nawalakw and Great Bear Essential Oil will contribute to the long-term stewardship of the lands, waters and resources, and the economic and cultural well-being of communities.

purchasing with purpose

In everything we do at Plantd, we strive to have the greatest positive impact possible. Impact is at the heart of our business; it's our reason for being. Positive impacts on skin, and positive impacts on communities and people. One area we believe holds tremendous opportunity to support world changing impacts is sourcing of our ingredients.

kind formulations

We craft our product with a commitment to freshness and sustainability, utilizing high-quality, fair trade, organic, and regenerative ingredients that nurture your skin and respect the environment. Our vegan formulations are designed to be gentle, free from harmful preservatives, harsh chemicals, and synthetic fragrances to support your skin's natural health and vitality.

why fairtrade, organic and regenerative?

At Plantd, we choose to use fair trade, organic and regenerative ingredients, not just for their efficacy but also we understand the profound impact of what we absorb through our skin.

Our skincare nourishes this vital organ while fostering sustainable agriculture and equitable trade, ensuring every product we craft contributes to the well-being of our customers, the planet and the communities we support.

Leaping Bunny Certified

At Plantd, we are committed to creating cruelty-free cosmetics. We DO NOT test our finished products or ingredients on animals, and we source only from suppliers who share our commitment to animal welfare.  In addition to our own internal policies, we comply with the third-party certification standards of the Leaping Bunny Program and only work with raw materials suppliers who meet this criteria.  We do not condone the use of animals for safety testing for cosmetics and support modern non-animal methods that have been shown to better predict human responses than the animal tests they replace.