why made-to-order

Many of us have heard the expression “the fresher the better”, and we believe there are no exceptions when it comes to what you put on your body.  Fresh skincare makes sense in the same way that fresh food does; it’s more beneficial, more nutritious, and it doesn’t require harsh preservatives.

Did you know that expiration dates on beauty products are not a regulatory requirement in North America? Big facts - and as a result, many products are left languishing on shelves for indefinable lengths of time. At batch, we think that products made from natural and organic ingredients should be enjoyed directly after being produced.

That’s why we produce small, made-to-order batches - in fact, we don’t even think about starting your batch until you’ve hit that check out button. Your batch arrives to you stamped with the date it was crafted and the date it is best indulged by. Made-to-order is the foundational cornerstone of what we do at batch.

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